Antonio Tavella

  • Name : Antonio Tavella
  • Nickname : Tony
  • birth date: 05/02/1975
  • birthplace: Vibo Valentia
  • Current residence:Mestre (VE)
  • martial status: married with Irene
  • children: Bryan and Jennifer
  • Band you’ve been innerload: Shadow of Soul
  • Hobbies: music, calcio
  • musical influences: Death, Megadeth, Iron Maiden
  • Favorite bands: Steve Vai, death, megadeth, morbid angel, jeff loomis, Opeth, Malmsteen, Paganini, beethoven, Vivaldi, paganini, iron maiden, Emperor…
  • used instrument/endorsen: Ronciswall custom guitars, Schecter, Jackson, marshall, line 6, bugera.
  • favorite album: live after death
  • favorite song: for the love of god (Steve vai)
  • favorite musicians: Chuck Schuldiner
  • Favorite sport team Juventus fc
  • favorite cartoon: jeeg, devil man, dragon ball great mazinger
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