We gonna lead you into our new sound, where death meets the melody of hell! Published by Great Dane Records on 26 January 2024.

Enjoy the new album “Mater Tenebrarum”

Back again with a brand new sound, our trip in the inner-load led us to unexplored lands of death. Take a taste of the new album.

More than 20 years playing metal music

  • Le tracce sono tutte riconoscibilissime e creano un buon connubio tra l'oscuro e il melodico mantenendo una buona potenza sonora. Direi un lavoro ben riuscito che apre una nuova era per questa band!
    Varoots , Metalwave (IT)
    Feb 2024
  • Un Death Metal aux riffs marqués à l’empreinte ARCH ENEMY mêlée à une touche très personnelle de la musique très qualitative du groupe. Un son excellent où toutes les parties interprétées y ont leur place avec brio. Ce Death Metal mélodique et raffiné laisse à l’écoute des traces indélébiles à travers nos neurones métalliques
    Objectif metal (FR)
    Feb 2024
  • ... cleverly mixes “neck-breaking music” and death melodrama, against a backdrop of clashing tempos... Besides the rage that inhabits their music, what can strike the listener is the beautiful musicality of their compositions... 7.5/10
    Olivier No Limit (FR)

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