We gonna lead you into our new sound, where death meets the melody of hell! New album available early 2024. Stay tuned!

Discover the upcoming new album “Mater Tenebrarum”

Back again with a brand new sound, our trip in the inner-load led us to unexplored lands of death. Take a taste of the new album.

More than 20 years playing metal music

  • Potenza, energia e riff melodici che vanno a comporre questo mix di ingredienti che tendono a delineare il suono della band, diretto e con pochi fronzoli...
    May - Italia di Metallo
    2020 January
  • Diretto ed immediato, l'intero album trasuda energia e determinazione sin dal brano iniziale ``Tell me Why``...
    Michele Martini (Rock Hard)
    2019 December
  • Gli Innerload per noi sono la “muscle car” dell’heavy metal italiano: salite a bordo e ascoltate il rombo del loro motore…
    2019 Dec 09
  • ``Again`` is an album with no compromise that leaves no respite. You just need to turn on your stereo system and enjoy it all in its incredible sounding violence.
    System Failure Music Webzine
    2019 Dec 10
  • L’album è grintoso, i riff sono rocciosi, gli assoli, sempre svelti, lucidi, concreti nel produrre melodie e rasoiate di adrenalina... (vote 7.5)
    Alberto Vitale
    Metalhead.it - 2019 Oct. 29
  • .. in this new album ``Again`` riffs are powerful and songs have classic heavy metal sound.. starting from the opening track “Tell me why” this album penetrates the skin with effective choruses with a delightful melody...
    Piergiuseppe Lippolis - musicmap.it
    Oct 10, 2019
  • ...Innerload are back with a new album of pure and raw Metal, spartan and muscular... ``Again`` is 40 minutes of powerful impact and emotions, perfect for headbangers and classic metal lovers. Vote 7.5
    Alessio Secondini Morelli - GiornaleMetal.it
    Sep 2, 2019
  • ``Again`` is a high quality album, and you will appreciate it more and more every time you listen to it... it is definitely worthwhile! `{`7.5`}`
    Nick Parastatidis (Behind the Veil - veilgr.com - greece)
    Aug 12, 2019
  • ``React`` is an album of pure heavy metal of the 80s: classic, with no compromise ... Basically, ``React`` is a listening pleasure for all the lovers of NWOBHM Metal genre
    Luca Galvagni, Metallitalia
    Sep 03, 2011
  • La sostanza ad ogni modo è una sola, ovvero che questo è un grandissimo disco. Gli Innerload si districano tra brani potenti ed energici, supportati da uno spessore tecnico di grandissimo livello e da uno spessore compositivo assolutamente fuori dal comune.
    Maurizio Mazzarella, Giornale Metal
    Nov 23, 2011
  • El disco general esta caracterizado por una gran energía y la mezcla de estilos. En todo momento hay reminiscencias y recuerdos de la época dorada del heavy metal. Los solos de guitarra son magníficos, sin llegar a virtuosismo.
    Tony González, Rock En Cuba
    Nov 30, 2011
  • the real gem of the album is ``Dancing Queen``, a great hard rock song, with a winning and emotional vocal line... a very interesting music: original but always well structured , and able to evoke at the same time a wild and melancholic atmosphere...
    AlexMetal, Undergroundzine
    Mar 29, 2012
  • ...simple and effective rhythms, demonstrating a great control and measure on using classic heavy metal sound. It is a pleasure listening to songs combining elegant refrains to interesting narration on lyrics...
    Javier Fraile, Metal Cry
    Feb 22, 2012

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